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Help Him

Besides, there's not much you can do to help him. Además, no hay mucho más que puedas hacer para ayudarlo. This independence could also help him to obtain a job. Esta independencia también le podría ayudar a conseguir un empleo. Try to help him in this journey using just his feet.

help (someone) on with (something) help (someone) out of a fix. help (someone) up (from something) help a lame dog over a stile. help along. help back. help down. help get a foothold. help him in.

Welcome to Help from We are a Christian counseling organization called to provide biblically-based psychotherapy and clinical training as well as to facilitate conferences, workshops and retreats. Allison M. Hodge, licensed marriage and family therapist, is the clinical director and founder of .

She helped him do his homework (w/o) He helped her fix her sink, after it broke. (w/o) Dancing helped her to lose weight (I could go either or on this one) Weightlifting can really help a sportsman to create muscle. (could go either way on this one too) I think of any where 'help User Interaction Count: 4.

 · Help him do or help him doing. "His mom helps him doing the homework" is fine. 'Helps him doing' is not correct. It should be 'helps him do (infinitive)'. 'Helps' implies having a part in doing the home work. Better to say: His mom guides him with/in his homework.

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