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Sacrifice For The Emperor

One story concerns a prince and his family that were captured by Cyrus’ soldiers. The prince and his family was brought to Cyrus in chains and the emperor asked the prisoner, “What will you give me if I release you?” “Half of my wealth,” replied the prince.

 · One of the earliest accounts of the Border Sacrifice is found in the Shu Jing (Book of History), compiled by Confucius, where it is recorded of Emperor Shun (who ruled from about BC to BC when the first recorded dynasty began) that ‘he sacrificed to ShangDi.’1Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins.

 · Basically, a sacrifice, or sacrificium, was a gift to the gods, heroes, emperors, or the dead. It was not simply a matter of the ritualistic killing of animals as is our modern perception of ancient sacrifice. Not all sacrifices were blood sacrifices, and not all sacrifices were public displays either. There were also private sacrifices.

 · of offering a sacrifice to God for a man (the Roman Emperor) who described himself as God” as totally offensive. (Hengel, p. , note ) It is no surprise, then, that Eleazar, sympathetic to the Zealot cause, used that principle of the Zealots and the Eighteen Benedictions as justification for rejecting all sacrifices by Gentiles. Hengel.

The suovetaurilia, the ritual sacrifice of a pig, sheep and an ox, was customarily performed for land purification ceremonies so as to cleanse the past and future sins committed on that land. If a temple was destroyed as was the case in A.D. 70, the site of Temple must be purified by the suovetaurilia, the ritual sacrifice of an ox, a sheep and a pig. 1 Illustrating this custom, the suovetaurilia was performed one .

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