Brian christopher slots

Brian christopher slots

Oh wow. Look at that. There's three different grams you guys that looks delicious. I do like a good grands. We are very close and there's also oh come on one more. Find it, There's also a mini minor and major as well to keep you going along the way. Let's find that bonus. Two He looks very happy that guy I wanna be his friends three more. I like that the free games can be anywhere. Line it up Buttercup come on. Let's try a couple of rapid fire spins.

We are in the aristocrats showroom again, so we are using some fun money to play today, no matter how many times I tell you guys that you're always like how does this money keep going back up? I don't understand well. So you guys let us know in the comments below as well. What do you guys think about this game? Would you bring this game into your casino?

How about we jump in? Bonus and then you can better decide here we go. Alright here comes a bonus. That's a that's a lot and a major. I love this. We got the triple up bonus. What is happening. Look at this guys. We've won all those three times. That's what I'm talking about. Here we go. Line it up Buttercup Nice Little extra on top there so we only have one more spin remaining on the top two on the middle of three on the bottom because we just got one here so reset we need one to land on top to keep more going.

The job is done. We got a couple more down below so we still have three more spins there. If we fill it up guys, we win the two grand so down to these two here. Can we get at least one more to draw?

Get it Yeah. Alright, now, we have three more spins and two more down here line it up. Huh, I love it keep going. Nice two more spins and three. Nice only one more in the middle here we go. She's done. We got one more spin downtown here we go fill it up. Alright time to find out how much money we just won. Wait What Whoa Whoa. We got spins on the top two. That was hot. Thank you that that came out of nowhere. I want Oh my gosh. If we get one more, I'll give us another three spins you think probably let's find out.

You gotta give us one to know well. We are definitely winners. We're big winners. I think. That's a nice way to do donuts and look how happy they are for us. They're the happiest guys ever. Nice little jackpot here at the showroom. Beautiful bonus time to jump in another bonus to show you guys the free games there they are. Alright, let's find out what this one's all about. A free games with two X wilds, let's find those wilds and line it up.

Oh there They all are. Oh my gosh. That was hot, alright, bucks there. Let's keep it going. Okay, here it goes. That's a cute little feature. I like that. Oh, my gosh, you can get the bonus and the bonus. Two more spins to go, Oh Nelly almost rewired Anna There's our two X multipliers and one more spin they're coming in. There that works for us do your magic. Alright another forty-six on top right there. Oh, I like that number beautiful This one's got a very unique bonus on it.

You need three coins. The background of the coins are gonna be golden or purple golden obviously better. Come on the Buffalo franchise. Absolutely a legend in itself and the next game. We're gonna show you from the showroom at aristocrat includes three legends. The game is called aristocrat legends. It's so so hot. And also has some jackpots you can win in it as well. Very nice. That's a nice one. Let's keep it going see if we can find a bonus or at least leave with a profit.

Three corners. Nice nice nice a very good one again. I'm not gonna try and do the math but I'm gonna guess it's around Nice one. Pretty good pretty good. Alright, we got a bonus now happening. How many Buffalo chiefs are we adding? Fifteen very well. Okay off we go. Eight games. Basketball Player.

Instagram Star. Football Player. Movie Actor. Soccer Player. YouTube Star. TV Show Host. TV Actress. Baseball Player. Reality Star. TV Actor. Movie Actress. World Music Singer. From Wings to Parasite , here's a look back at all of the Best Picture Oscar winners in the history of the ceremony. See more Best Picture winners. Sign In. Up 4, this week. View rank on IMDbPro ». View Resume Official Photos ». Brian Christopher was born in Burlington, Canada to an elementary teacher, and golf enthusiast.

He is the youngest of two siblings. Brian found fame on YouTube with his Slot Machine Gambling Channel, Brian Christopher Slots, where he uploads daily videos of his gambling adventures all over the world.

He has garnered over 60 Million views and over See full bio ». Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos. Brett You look like a mermaid, apparently well we both have red hair, but I think that's what it was, but thank you. The Greek God, oh, I do look like a Greek god. I mean II do have Mediterranean. I mean you know. Let's not bring into this because he's going to win it every time.

Oh, I know right. Ay on the calendar. Oh, yeah. Thanks so much guys glad you're here we are playing at seven feathers at casino and resort here in Oregon. Make sure you click that follow and like button, there's two buttons to press. Did you know that and on the video itself?

Hey, if you're having a good time hit that share button and the like button as well, Yes please share really have three more. I'm feeling some rapid-fire here we go. Drop it I want to see that Oh look at that one. Have a good bonuses Well, this one's not being nice though, but we did get one bonus out of it. So that's something. Hello Australia, oh one off. One more mother. Oh, come on. Hey, Lisa. Oh boy we're below right. Why not ? We're trying whatever you know what this three more What?

Alright, we're going to give it three more spins here we go. Drop it. Alright, it's alright. See who's good to us? Maybe corn squeal has something for us today. Do you guys know who Cornelius is well. I'll show you right now He's my piggy buddy. Oh yeah that one right. I'm stuck. I got stuck. I'm a good.

Did you all know his name is Clarence Wheels. Alright, his name is Cornelius. I did not name him. He's the only character in the whole casino. I did not name myself. This is the official name from the company. Cornelius my buddy my pal. Why is he a a hamburger? It's it's it's the name of the book I had to read in in school once it's called my darling my hamburger.

I don't think I ever actually read it. I think I was one of those kids that may have just ridden like read the the back of the book kind of idea. Yeah, that was bad That was bad. Your mother is a teacher. I know don't tell her alright here we go. I know my dad's watching dad don't tell her don't tell him. About 15 minutes to go until we are live over Cube as well. Make sure you guys come over there and join us We have right now.

I would love to see you guys all there as soon as we start clear your calendars people we're here for another live stream tonight and another live stream tomorrow night at 4 O'clock Pacific and five Pacific tomorrow as well.

Sherry Read it too. I'm not the only one. I've never heard of this. My all-time favorites is Christine. It's a friend of a friend in the slot machine. I am max betting by the way, which one of the heck you're in Canada I know right, I'm darling my hamburger. Max come on. I have not seen the godfather slot machine here rude. I don't think it's cheating if you just read the back of the book. If you were supposed to read it and you again and that's Sheena, no, I didn't cheat though I followed the rules.

Book report. That's what those things are called right. Michael Oh squeals line it up. Please yes there was this other book I had to read in French. I think it was called it was it would have a funny name too. Kathy read it as well. See We're all very cool. We don't seem to hitting the thing on here. Yeah line it up. Buttercup Let's give it up. Oh, here we go we made it explode squeals I apologize but we'll bring bring it back in second.

I think so here we go. What do we got there? Two grams we are going home with. The mini Hey, I've been doing it for ten bucks so that was way up there. It was almost as high as the as the minor right. Four of a kind bonus that's what I'm talking about. This is good. Oh nice and man. I love that book. I actually read that one Hi Jen. We are way down Brian What's going to happen?

You don't listen to me. I I literally just said like 5 seconds ago, we're down to I'm taking a big chance on this one. Oh boy only five spins. Because we're only doing five spins, we need to see the coin show coins need to drop for us. We won nothing No. No, no, no nothing, No a dollar coins.

Two more spins not spin come on. We got something. Alright, we took a chance did not fully, but we still made something I'm not giving up on you Cory is he corny or squealing?

No, he's corny corny. He's a little and cute now. There's a little delayed reaction. I'm like what is happening Welcome Tasha first time you caught us live. Hey guys if you never want to miss a live stream again. We're putting up on the screen right now. No, it's nice as last time. Back at , hey, we're like above where we were. Really corny grow a little more? And one off. This is our favorite version of him. He's he's dreaming.

He's dreaming. Alright there. He is. Alright, let's do it again. I'm feeling blue. And we got the mini again.

Alright, let's keep it going. Rude one up. Really rude, just saying just signed up for this during our first live welcome. No Regina you do not take BC here. Come back here, let's do it. What we do. Bones must be on the first three reels only. That's all this is it right here. First three. Back down to I want a do over bonus.

Do it? Thanks al. The numbers right there in chat everybody. Oh one off. We do live streams twice a month for our Rudy's members and that's when we let them pick all their games to play our next Rudy's live stream is this Friday. I'm doing it again. I'm taking a chance?

Can we get a coin show in this bonus now please yes. That's why you take chances you guys you have no idea what's about to hit here. We were down at This is what I wanted to happen last time. Oh beautiful Coin it up Buttercup last spin coming in.

We got the BC come back. Whoo hoo. So hot. That's why we took a chance on that one and that's why we didn't leave this machine. I'm going to get a couple more spins. Oh, my gosh, do it again? Yes alright time for a pick and bonus. Alright here we go. Alright back at last three spins on baby there's two.

Oh, that's rude so rude. Alright, you guys a nice run cashing out of this one at I just need one more in. Let's go see what we do and then we're jumping on the YouTube you guys can make sure you join us over there shortly. Alright, let's go find one more game right over here to jump on. Exciting this is exciting. We're doing very well very, very well indeed.

I see some star jungle Yes, that's right. BC does indeed stand for Brian's comeback comeback. You never disappoint right, you gotta have faith guys.

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  1. JoJogore says:Watch Brian Christopher play Slot Machines on YouTube from Casinos worldwide! Home Events Shop RUDIES Fan Club ABOUT > Press Offers Welcome to. SLOTS. follow us on social! SUBSCRIBE on YouTube! Over videos featuring hundreds of slots from casinos around the world! SUBSCRIBE. Live streams featuring online slots!. Brian Christopher Slots, Palm Springs, California. , likes · 39, talking about this. I post new daily videos of myself playing slot machines in the casino. Join my , followers at /5(1).
  2. Mukinos says:Brian Christopher, Director: Brian Christopher Slots. Brian Christopher was born in Burlington, Canada to an elementary teacher, and golf enthusiast. He is the youngest of two siblings. Brian found fame on YouTube with his Slot Machine Gambling Channel, Brian Christopher Slots, where he uploads daily videos of his gambling adventures all over the world. Brian Christopher was born in Burlington, Canada to an elementary teacher, and golf enthusiast. He is the youngest of two siblings. Brian found fame on YouTube with his Slot Machine Gambling Channel, Brian Christopher Slots, where he uploads daily videos of his gambling adventures all over the world.
  3. Tozragore says:Hey everyone. it's Brian Christopher from BC and we're here at the aristocrat showroom showing some brand new games like Buffalo Link like Triple Grand of fortunes and also aristocrat legends. We're gonna go back and forth between the new games and some other ones you'll find in the casino. Let's jump on in alright guys. Brian Christopher Slots. Players can choose from table games like roulette and blackjack, Slingo! Overall there are about games to choose from in the software library at the online casino, and that’s exciting for any gamblers that like to swap between different games.
  4. Tojas says:New free slot machines Vegas-style online casino games are added weekly. SlotsUp is the next generation gaming website with free casino games aimed to provide the review on all online slots. Play + free slot games for fun – no download, no registration or deposit required. Apr 05,  · Brian Christopher Slots Uncategorized. You can request a coupon or check out similar offers from AppGrooves. As always, there will be plenty of food options and your choice of beverages. Come discover everything you need for the perfect getaway at the South’s premier gaming and family vacation destination. Pearl River Resort is a spectacular.
  5. Yozshugore says:Thank you to our partner, Plaza Hotel & Casino! Visit the new Brian Christopher Slots at the Plaza gaming area and get an exclusive wristband when you earn j. SUBSCRIBE: NEWSLETTER: casinoonlineslots777.commed LIVE at Choctaw Casino in Durant, Oklahoma.I promote educational a.
  6. Tegore says:Nov 27,  · Brian Christopher Slots Net Worth. Money is a delicate subject and not everyone is ready to share information about one’s income with the whole world. That’s why there is no accurate data about Brian Christopher slots net worth, but there’s always a way to do some calculations. Slot Machines KNOW you are playing free play, and pay less FICTION. A slot machine doesn't care where the money comes from, it will still aim to take the same payout percentage, whether it is freeplay, cash or ticket! Subscribing to Brian Christopher Slots will help your marriage FACT.
  7. Zulugor says:Jun 15,  · Brian runs an incredibly popular slot machine gambling channel called Brian Christopher Slots. The channel has a whopping , subscribers and 9 of its videos have over a million views. Slot YouTuber Brian Christopher Hosts a Slot Cruise Along the Coasts of California and Mexico; Story of Brian Christopher — The Most Popular Slot YouTuber. Brian Christopher Slots, Palm Springs, California. 95, likes · 37, talking about this. I post new daily videos of myself playing slot machines in the casino. Join my , followers at /5(1).
  8. Kik says:Join Brian Christopher for a Group Slot Machine Pull in the High Limit Room at a Casino near you! Home Events Shop RUDIES Fan Club ABOUT > Press Offers WATCH ON YOUTUBE. Live Stream & Event Calendar. All official event dates are posted here as they are announced. Please check back often as we add more events!. Apr 07,  · Brian Christopher Slots. K views · March 💰 High Limit CLEOPATRA vs CLEOPATRA 2 Challenge 👸 San Manuel Casino. Brian Christopher Slots. K views · March A Western Comeback Story with HUGE Bets 🎰 PlayChumba Social Casino. Brian Christopher casinoonlineslots777.coms: K.

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